What Sets Us Apart

All of our care is delivered with the aid of special dental operating microscope which allows us to treat cases in remarkably precise manner. With this aid we are able to more completely treat and diagnose many complex situations.

We utilize an advanced digital x-ray system in place of conventional dental x-rays, which minimizes the radiation exposure to our patients and improves diagnostic capabilities. This technology also eliminates environmental burden of the hazardous chemicals and materials that result from the use of conventional x-rays.

While many cases can be treated in one treatment visit, many others require more time and effort in order to obtain the optimum healing response or treatment outcome. We attempt to custom tailor the care we deliver to the perceived case needs.

We are constantly incorporating new and proven technology into our practice to better serve all out patients. One of the more recent technologies we are utilizing as needed is 3D cone beam imaging to better aid us in visualizing your tooth so that we can properly treatment plan your case and it often helps us in making difficult diagnoses.